The teaching of the Chinese language is through the immersion method. It focuses on holistic teaching methodology and using the language effectively. Students are guided to improve from strength to strength. Lessons are designed to infuse not only culture but also fun & creativity.

Lessons are topical and modular following the revised MOE syllabus. At every 6th lesson, there is a reinforcement component where the student re-caps and strengthens upon what was taught.

Modules all include:

  • Infusing the Chinese culture in learning the nuances and idiosyncrasies of the language.
  • Strengthening & reinforcement lessons on concepts, vocabulary and language learnt.
  • Progressive & ordered methodologies to progress from strength to strength and retaining what was taught.
  • Creative writing and using higher order skills.
  • Oral and Listening Comprehension skills.
  • Practical revision exam-format papers with error minimising techniques.
Mavis Tutorial Centre

Mavis employs only the best full-time tutors, many of whom are ex-school teachers and very experienced in their respective fields. Our full-time tutors constantly innovate to ensure that lessons are conducted in the most interesting and engaging way. Contact us to know more.

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