Resumption of Physical Lessons

Dear Parents,

We hope that you and your loved ones have been safe and well throughout the Circuit Breaker period in Singapore. Thank you for your loyal support, understanding and accommodation towards our operational changes and unintended inconvenience caused during this period.

Singapore has stepped into Phase 2 of reopening since 19th June 2020. Prior to the announcement, we have been considering various scenarios and contingencies to resume physical classroom lessons. With the well-being and safety of our students and staff as our top priority, our aim is not to rush the resumption of physical lessons but to prepare and implement health and hygiene safety measures as determined by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Hence, Mavis has decided to resume physical classroom lessons on 20th July 2020, with all precautionary arrangements and measures considered and implemented. As such, the collective effort of all parents and students to exercise social responsibility is greatly appreciated.


Physical Classroom Arrangements


1. Permanent Grouping

All students in each class will be organised into groups of no more than 5, with strictly no physical interaction or intermingling between groups.

Demarcations will be placed in the classroom to ensure at least a 1m-distancing between the groups in class.

Groupings will be colour-coded and allocated specific seating arrangements. The arrangements will be permanent till the end of Academic Year 2020.

The groupings will be displayed at the classroom doors so that students can check their groupings before entering the classroom.

Supervision will be done by the teacher to ensure that safety measures are not compromised.


2. Disinfecting Classrooms After Every Lesson

To allow time to disinfect the classroom after each class, adjustments will be made to lesson timings, facilitating a 15 to 30-minute interval in between classes. The intervals between classes will also prevent overcrowding at the centre. The confirmed class timings will be announced a later date.


Safe-Management Measures


All students are to adhere to safe management and distancing measures at all times while within the centre premises.


1. Health Declaration Google Form


All students will be required to complete an online health declaration form before resuming physical lessons at the centre.

Should there be any changes to the student’s declaration details at any point in time after the first submission, the parent/student must contact the respective centre to update their status accordingly.


2. Entry/Exit Measures


All students will be required to complete the SafeEntry procedure upon entering and leaving the centre. Students who do not have a phone or device to scan the QR code must fill in their particulars in the Visitor Log upon entry and exit.

Students are only allowed to enter the centre 5 – 10 minutes before the start of the class. Students must wait at designated waiting areas and observe safe-distancing measures.

Students are allowed to enter only after their respective rooms have been cleared and disinfected.

Students must leave the centre immediately after class dismissal.


3. Health Check Measures


All students must have their temperature taken before entering the centre. Students will be issued a dated and colour-coded sticker upon completion of their temperature checks. This sticker must be prominently displayed on a visible area of the student’s upper body. A student whose temperature is 37.5 °C and above will not be allowed into the centre and will be asked to go home instead.

Students who are not feeling well, have fever or display respiratory symptoms such as sneezing, breathlessness, runny nose, cough or sore throat are not allowed to attend physical classes.

Should anyone in the household (apart from the student) be placed on Leave of Absence (LOA), Approved Absence (AA), Stay Home Notice (SHN) or Home Quarantine Order (HQO), the student/parent should update the centre via phone call and the student will not be allowed to attend physical classes.


4. Mandatory Wearing of Masks


All students must wear a mask by default at all times while inside the centre’s premises. Students aged 12 years old and below may be allowed to wear either a face shield or mask.

Strictly no eating will be allowed in the centre or classrooms.

Beverages may be allowed, provided that the bottle/drink is capped. Students may remove their masks temporarily when drinking.


5. Zero Contact with Parents


To prevent overcrowding, parents will not be allowed to enter the centre from 17th July 2020, Friday.

All enquiries must be done through contactless modes such as phone call or email.

Fee payments will no longer be accepted over the counter. Contactless payment methods such as PayNow, bank transfers and cheque deposits are available.

Printed materials for August and subsequent months will be distributed to students directly in class.


6. Make-Up Arrangements


Parents/Students should contact the centre in advance if they are not able to attend the lesson. Make-up lessons will be done strictly via Zoom only should the need arise.


Option to Continue Zoom Lessons


If you wish for your child to continue with online Zoom lessons, you will be required to fill up the Google form appended below by 5th July 2020, Sunday. Our administration staff will proceed to contact you the soonest possible and provide you with further details.

Kindly note that the Zoom lessons will be a hybrid version – the teacher will be conducting the lesson physically in class with students present while interacting with online students on Zoom. Please be assured that all our teachers are trained to conduct hybrid lessons. The quality of teaching and learning in these classes will not be compromised in any way.

Please find the link to opt for Zoom lessons here:

Once again, we would like to thank all parents and students for your understanding and support throughout these times.

Please do not hesitate to call your respective centres via their hotline should you need further clarifications.



Best regards,


The Management
Mavis Tutorial Centre